Hot Dog Hot Shot Game

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Serve New York’s Kookiest Characters in Hotdog Hotshot

Compete against the best vendors in the Big Apple and win the highly coveted Golden Hotdog in Hotdog Hotshot. Brought to you by Sweet Tooth Games, the same team that created the award-winning hidden object game 'The Scruffs', this wacky time management title will have your fingers in a twist as you race to serve New York's kookiest characters. You will meet celebrities, serve stinky customers and even deal with thieves who will steal your earnings.

At its core, the mechanics are what you would expect from a time management game. You prepare the ingredients for a hotdog (or, later on, a burger), add some sauce along with any number of toppings ordered by the customer and then serve it hot. Payments are collected manually after your patron is finished eating. Each person has a patience bar which will drain as they wait for their order. If you wait too long to serve them, the customers get angry and will eventually leave. Of course nobody wants burnt food, so you will have to balance food preparation with timely service. A timer counts down until closing time. You are required to get enough money to make the goal value for the day, anything in excess will be counted as your profit.

Sounds pretty standard, right? Well, the real challenge lies in dealing with customer quirks and unique behavior. While most will be satisfied just by being served on time, others will require some special treatment. Customers who look like they haven't taken a bath in months will agitate people around them, resulting in patience bars depleting faster than usual. In contrast, people are more relaxed when a celebrity drops by to order lunch. It's distracting to deal with the paparazzi and their cameras but it’s much better than dealing with stinky clients.

As this game is set in the mean streets of New York, you will have to keep an eye out for sneaky thieves lurking by the counter. Leaving money uncollected for too long draws these undesirables out and may result in them running away with your hard earned cash. Dine and ditch is also a common problem for the humble hotdog vendor so you will have to account for payments on the fly. These freeloaders typically whistle guiltily on their way out so a timely click will show them whose boss.

With so many types of customers to serve, the main game is busy enough as it is. However, if you wish to take it to the next level, you can test your skill in Challenge Mode after beating the game. This adds another 10 hours or so to the game and gives hardcore time management players something to look forward to.

Once you've trained your muscles to prepare hotdogs at the snap of a finger, you are on your way to earning "smiles". These are rewarded each time you complete an order perfectly. Earning five gives a short power-up wherein customers do not lose patience. An added bonus is that depleted bars are restored to maximum. This effect applies to picky celebrities as well.

With its memorable characters and lengthy game play, Hotdog Hotshot is challenging yet seriously addicting. There are 15 different New York spots to master, with more than 20 trophies to earn along the way. Upgrades open up new products and, as a result, increase the difficulty. Don't buy new equipment without mastering the items you already have. Pay attention to your pace and see if you can afford to add a new product to the mix. Remember that part of the strategy is to be accurate. There are no take backs so once you place an ingredient in, there's no way to remove it from the dish. As expected, burnt dishes are also a no-no, so if you really want to make your customers happy, pay attention.

We love the fact that the character illustrations are so expressive. Though they are not over-the-top stylish, they do blend in well with the vibrant New York backdrop. The voice clips are as silly as the cartoony customers –a combination that successfully gives the game its own signature look and feel.

This title is great for those who want to experience playing a time management game that tries to do something different. There is nothing stopping new players from trying the title but due to the hectic game play, the later levels may not be for those who don't want to experience finger cramps.